Sunday, July 20, 2008

Useless Information,what to do?

Some time ago I told my grandson, and maybe this site too, that my only real connection with "soccer" was an exhibition match in the Sydney Cricket ground, in the late 1940s, I thought. Well, yesterday, in the newspaper, I came accross a reminder of that day. The Australian goalkeeper of that time, now aged in his eighties, and living south of Sydney, has hit a burglar hiding in his bathroom with his walking stick.

I need to clarify that I am speaking of the Goalkeeper's walking stick, in the goalkeeper's bathroom. Wrong as it is to hit anyone with a walking stick, even a burglar, it would be doubly wrong to hit a burglar with the burglar's own walking stick, in the burglar's own bathroom. How could burglars ever be expected to reform if they cannot even retire to their own bathroom, or forget to take their walking sticks with them, to prevent it falling into wrong hands? A preamble to repentance is retreatint to a place where one cn THINK. Perhaps even in this case the burglar had gone in there to think about putting the $500 he had taken back. He can not think clearly while being hit on the head. The whole thing is obviously the victim's fault.

It has taken just fifty years for me to find out that the goalkeeper's name was ""Jenkins, and that only because a burglar was hiding in his bathroom when the ex goalie arrived home, and hit him with his walking stick.

But I, and now this site knows, why that burglar may have been dealt with in that cruel way. I reckon that when the goalie arrived home and found a burglar in his house, it was a cruel reminder of that day in the 1940's when about 18 times, the visiting team put the ball in his goal. I reckon it all came back to him, that if he had a walking stick in his hand on that embarrasing day in the 40's, the outcome might have been different. He could have belted the ball out and hit a few Checoslavakians on the head (I can't spell Checkoslovakia) and at least reduced the humiliation somewhat. it is not funny to have the opposition goalie baracking for your own side because he is so bored with nothing to do.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sport Experiences

Whats your most exhilirating sport experience?
I was at the 20wenty cricket a while back, and it was Australia VS New Zealand. We Beat them rather easily, but it was a great game all the same, and not for the quality of the playing.
The DJ played music over the speakers all over the ground, turning it down for each ball that was bowled. One Kiwi player was tonking us all over the ground ( I forget his name) and the DJ chose to play the song "Don't Hold Back" by The Potbelleez. But while the DJ turned it down, the whole ground kept singing (minus the players) so the song kept going, even though the music wasn't playing for the full time, the crowd kept it going. Truely an amazing feeling.
Whats your sporting experience?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


At last! A Way to get back at those pesky pests who are a pestilence to letterboxes!!
Check out this fully wicked sick site!! I havn't had the chance to try it, but try doing it to your friend (or Enimy!!)
Mail a brick to junk mailers using paid postage - Creative tips with dealing with spammers and bulk mailers
CTRL click the above!
Cheers guys for providing such a useful thing!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random matters of utter importance

The following is written by my co author - Greatwonders. I take no responsibly.

Fire starts with water, as anyone whose house downpipes have blocked, sending water into the electrical wiring. The classic error is to have a totally sealed system from the house guttering to the street. Any blockage anywhere in the system will result in water running into your ceiling, with costly and even dangerous results. Good systems have relief holes in the guttering, open collector boxes where the down pipe leaves the gutters, and another opening at the ground level, with a grated input back into the underground drains. This will mean that during a storm, the householder can check that his drains are running and if blocked, the water will not flow back into the ceilings. You cannot get a plumber or architect to call during a storm, so make your drains "failsafe".

But back to me, Ollie.
Currently, the television in our room is tuned into a garden show. I would change it, but people are watching it! Several points in this show caught my attention.
  • A man was showing a clip how a person was devistated, because a peach tree was covering over an apple tree. He offered to fix the problem, and did so by "Cutting it like this", which involved half the tree being mutilated. Oh, and he had one last tip, use a saw!! Don't know how else you are able to do it, but anyway.
  • The same guy was showing how to make a veggie patch. You needed to bury the seeds, which funnily enough involved the covering of seeds with sand! Wow!!
Well, thats it!
What Are You Wating For? Go! Go Back To Your Homes!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

No graffiti ... more hooks

I have spent some time today trying to tidy my desk. Correction: I have spending weeks trying to tidy my desk. But today, I had a breakthrough: hooks! I bought a little packet of hooks, and I realise that they have filled a great gap in my life. I have stuck them on my filing cabinet (on the side), and hung little things like flash drives, sundry leads etc. On the side of my monitor I have one for my USB input lead, it looks so important now. There is even one for the microphone, which I have not used for years, well, months.

And this is the answer to the graffiti problem. Take away the paint, give them hooks to hang on the wall instead. So satisfying. Think of the uses, not least, the graffiti writers themselves could be hung on them: by the collar of course,I am not suggesting any violence.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Small minds

I am constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, staggered, yes STAGGERED at the small and puerile subjects which people rant about. No subject seems too small for these people to devote precious time to, time which could be spent chewing grass, or gazing into the distance, or collecting discarded fingernail cuttings to add to the compost bin. One wonders how people find time for these things. I must think of another subject. Actually, I am already thinking of one. Why do people refuse to SELL things because "we are closed"? We are NOT closed, "we" are open, otherwise we would not be moving around in plain sight, sweeping the floor or counting money. Get that? COUNTING MONEY!! Like, which is more important, counting money, or having more money to count?? I know what I would go for, and if that upsets the accounting, well, tough cheddar mate. Counting money can be done anytime, getting money opportunities are rare, and should be grabbed.

Furthermore, I ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Portugal of course is the slip of land down the side of Spain. Their only great achievement is creating a soccer team of average level, and one great player - Christiano Ronaldo. But today, Spain blew away the blissful ignorance of the countries history. A spokesperson, who wont be named for safety reasons, said this:

"The long history of this country began when the Spanish Parliament got sick and tired of cleaning up messes along the coast. They made an independent country along the coast, and called it Portugal, which of course in the ancient language means 'Coastal Guard'. It's soul purpose was to protect Spain from Tidal waves, Tsunami's and whatever else"

Hmmm, Nice.